Maine Area Round -Up

We are happy to announce that Area 28 is a step closer to holding an ‘in person’ Round Up once again. After the past two years of the Round Up being on hold due to the pandemic, we are tentatively scheduled to meet in person again in 2022. 
There’s a contract for the Maine Area round Up to be held Friday July 15th through Sunday July 17th, 2022. 
The Area 28 Fall Assembly will be held the weekend of October 15th – 17th and at that Assembly there will be elections for new officers for Area 28 as well as for the Round Up Chair and Alternate Chair.
Please be present for the Assembly and participate in the future of AA in Maine and beyond. This is a step that will change your sobriety and your life beyond words! Get active, be a part of the future!
Thank you for your patience over the past two years. It has been a long road but the light appears to be bright on the horizon. 
In service,
Spencer R.
Round Up Chair