Maine Area Round -Up

Hello one and all from the Area 28 Round Up Committee !

The Area 28 Round Up committee has met to review the 2021 Round Up.  Many ideas were discussed and thoughtful consideration was given to every option. Sadly, it was decided that due to CDC guidelines at this time, there will not be an in person Round Up held this year. 

The main reason is that CDC guidelines will not allow gatherings of 800-1000 people in one place at this time.    As a committee, we do not believe that will change to the level that would allow us to meet in such large numbers by July. Further, if the CDC guidelines were to change between now and then, there likely would not be enough time to properly plan the event. 

Although we are saddened to deliver this message, we are reviewing our options for the future and will keep you up to speed here. Please check in frequently.

In the meantime, the Committee hopes you remain happy, healthy and above all sober in 2021!!


Spencer R.

Area 28 Round Up Chair